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Onsen UI 2.0 is here!

Onsen UI is here!

It’s been a little over four months since we released the first RC version of Onsen UI 2.0. Since then we have gone through several iterations, ironing out the creases in order to deliver a great UI solution for all hybrid and mobile web app developers out there.

Onsen UI is an UI framework & tools to create native mobile apps with HTML5 hybrid app technology. It is designed to make it easy and efficient for developers to design apps. We aim to make the UI components easy to use while still giving developers a lot of power to customize their behavior.

Got a question? Ask us anything! Reddit IAMA session coming up soon!

All your questions will be answered during our Founder and CEO Masahiro Tanaka’s Reddit (I)AMA session

Reddit Onsen UI

Have questions about Monaca, Onsen UI, hybrid app development, flying planes, or life in Japan? Anything else? Our founder and CEO Masahiro Tanaka will be ready and available to answer all your questions on September 14th, at 1:30PM Pacific Time. Masa will be in San Francisco during the session, and you can check time date and time for your time zone here.

Inside Onsen UI: Web Components

Onsen UI and Web Components

Onsen UI 2.0 final release is around the corner. We’ve come a long way since we started implementing this version and we want to explain you here what were our reasons and issues. This is a short article that breaks down Onsen UI and some of the technologies behind it.

Preview! Vue.js support for Onsen UI

Onsen UI and Vue.js

Vue.js is a frontend framework for creating reactive components. It provides a very simple but powerful API. Its simplicity makes it very easy to get started writing apps.

Onsen UI is a collection of components for hybrid apps. With Onsen UI you can easily create beautiful mobile user interfaces. We have just released a preview version of our binding library for Vue.js which makes it possible to integrate the Onsen UI components in Vue.js apps.