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Onsen UI 2.0 Preview: Responsive Hybrid Apps with the New Splitter Element

Onsen UI Splitter

The road that will bring us to Onsen UI 2.0 becomes more exciting every day. That’s why we are happy to introduce a new Onsen UI element: The <ons-splitter>!

The element has been developed with the purpose of offering even more UI customization than before, as well as making it easier to make responsive hybrid apps! With <ons-splitter> you can easily support both tablets and phones with the same code. The element will automatically transform depending on the size/orientation of the device. Wouldn’t it be great to support iPhone and iPad with the same code? With this element it’s not only possible. It becomes a simple task.

What are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at it and see what it has to offer!

Tutorial: Create a Instagram Gallery App with Onsen UI + React

React Onsen UI

As you probably already know, Onsen UI is based on AngularJS. Nevertheless, many of our users asked if it’s possible to use it with other frameworks, especially React. In this tutorial, we will show you how to develop a very simple Instagram app by using Onsen UI and React. We will create a simple gallery using React and Onsen UI!

Although the current stable version of Onsen UI is 1.3.11, we will be using the development version of Onsen UI 2.0. We are getting close to releasing the alpha version and it is already quite stable. Onsen UI 2.0 is framework agnostic. It is no longer dependent on Angular, which means it integrates a lot better with other frameworks.

Material Design in Onsen UI

Onsen UI 2.0 Material Design

We have some exciting news for all of you developing hybrid apps for Android! Onsen UI 2.0 is adding Material Design!

Since Onsen UI hybrid app framework can be used to create apps for iOS and Android, it makes sense to provide native-like UI components for both platforms. That’s why we are currently implementing Material Design, adding new components alongside the current iOS based ones.

Many users have requested the Material Design support. We’ve listened to those voices and are working hard to make it available for you as soon as possible. Material Design is currently being implemented in parallell with Onsen UI 2.0, so get ready for native-like Android components included in the next major version.

Mocha + Chai.js unit testing for ES6 with Istanbul code coverage

Chai and mocha

Testing is very important for finding bugs, verifying the functionality and improving the general stability of a piece of software. Almost all (if not all) developers test their code in some way. One way to test would be to manually run the program and try out all the functions to see if everything is working as expected. Another (and better) way is to write automated tests that are run every time the code changes.