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Tutorial: create a sample app with Windows Phone 8.1 and Onsen UI

Onsen Windows

As you know, last week we announced the new version of Onsen UI, which offers Windows Phone support. If you have missed it, take a look here. We promised updates and guides about the new tools implemented to develop hybrid applications compatible with Windows Phone 8.1. That’s why, in this tutorial, we will explain how to develop a Cordova app based on Onsen UI and compatible with Windows Universal platform, which includes Windows Phone 8.1.

Onsen UI has been definitely typed! Developing with TypeScript

Definitely Typed Onsen UI 1.3

As part of the new utilities introduced in version 1.3, Onsen UI now supports TypeScript. Don’t worry, we won’t port Onsen UI to TypeScript, but we’ve got type definitions to support those who prefer a strongly typed development!

These definitions will inform you about the existing objects, functions and parameters while you develop with Onsen UI, and will automagically check that your app doesn’t mess up with function and variable types.

Onsen UI now supports Windows Phone 8.1!

Windows Phone

More hybrid and cross-platform than ever: your mobile apps developed with Onsen UI now run on Windows Phone!

Miscrosoft’s platform is getting popular and its popularity is expected to keep rising when Windows 10 arrives. Onsen UI will help you to reach this market with the same code that is already running on Android and iOS. You can now support three platforms with the same effort as supporting one would take!

Onsen UI 1.3 has been released!

Onsen UI 1.3

We are happy to announce that Onsen UI 1.3 has just been released! In the new version you will find not only bug fixes and improvements but also some awesome new features that will improve the experience of using Onsen UI. We also believe this is the most stable release of Onsen UI to date.

One of the main features introduced with this version of Onsen UI is a Window Universal (Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and IE 11) partial support! We will release another blog post in the upcoming days describing exactly what this entails.

In this article we will introduce some of the main changes and additions in the framework. For a full list of changes, please refer to the Changelog.