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Onsen UI App Showcase: Find Pet Partners with Petoom

Petoom is an original application made with Onsen UI that is becoming popular among people who want to find the proper partner for their beloved pets (dogs and cats).

The app allows the user to save its pet’s profile with information such as race, age and gender. Pictures and even copies of pedigree can be uploaded if desired.

Using CSS3 Transitions for Smooth Animations

CSS3 Transitions

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CSS3 provides a way to create transitions between states with really smooth animations. When we want to modify the style of any element, usually changes are applied instantly. With transitions, this behavior is modifiable, allowing us to easily set not only how long does it takes to change but also the way it does with some simple directives. This customization will give us the possibility to change the look and feel of our applications by just including these easy to create transitions instead of inefficient JavaScript animations.

We have a New Website and it's Open Source!

In conjunction with the release of Onsen UI 1.2.2 we made a complete rehaul of the website which is now public. In addition to improving the design we’ve added lots of new content.

The new documentation is packed with useful information, we’ve added nightly builds, integrated the blog into the website and we’re also releasing the website code publicly on GitHub to make it easier for you to make contributions.