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Onsen UI 1.2.2 comes loaded with Pull to Refresh and Infinite Lists!

We are proud to announce that we’ve just released Onsen UI 1.2.2. This version includes a couple of exciting new features plus lots of improvements and bug fixes. In this article we will introduce some of the changes. For an exhaustive list of changes please refer to the Changelog.

As you can probaly see we’ve also made a complete rehaul of the website. The design has been updated and we’ve also made a lot of improvements to the documentation. Every component now has its own page with a lot more information than before. Please check out the new website where you can also download the latest version of Onsen UI.

Developing hybrid mobile applications with Onsen UI

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Hybrid mobile applications have become trendy in the last years. Writing native applications could be hard for casual developers, those who don’t know too much about programming and just want to make a simple app (or not so simple) as quickly as possible. It requires learning different programming languages (and different ways to interact with each device) for every platform where you want to deploy your application, although it certainly has some advantages: best possible performance, full access to the device hardware, etc.

Sneak Peeking 1.2.2: Pull Hook (or Pull to Refresh)

Pull Hook intro

As you know, we are entering the final stretch of the Onsen UI 1.2.2 release, that’s why, after the introduction of the Lazy Repeat feature, we want to introduce another new feature of this release. The Pull Hook feature can be accessed using the <ons-pull-hook> tag.

This feature is very convenient for fetching data from external sources (like a database, RSS feed or web API) into our application, when the user wants to check for updates. It is also a very convenient feature for the developer, since it allows to “hide” the fetching process of big amounts data with a nice graphical interface that gives to the user an impression of a shorter waiting time.