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Sneak Peeking 1.2.2: Lazy Repeat (or Infinite Scrolling)

OnsenUI lazy-repeat

One of the features that the upcoming release of OnsenUI provides is the ons-lazy-repeat component. Frequently we need to load lists of elements that are large enough to slow down the app or even freeze it until the loading is finished, worsening the user experience. Here is where the new ons-lazy-repeat comes in.

ons-lazy-repeat will consider the item heights in order to display enough elements on the screen but wait to load the rest of them, thus improving the loading times and the user experience while avoiding possible problems for slower devices or connections. Further, at the same time it loads new elements that come into view, ons-lazy-repeat will also unload items when they are not visible anymore. With this approach, a list with millions of items can be rendered without a drop in performance.

Major New Release: Onsen UI 1.1 Reduces AngularJS Complexity, Supports jQuery

Onsen UI 1.1.0 Release

Onsen UI 1.1 is a major new release of our popular custom elements-based HTML5 UI framework. Want to build mobile UIs? It’s even easier than before! Onsen UI 1.1 has arrived with some of the coolest features to date - including the ability to now use jQuery.

First, we’ve added an interface for non-AngularJS applications. This means web developers and designers without ANY AngularJS knowledge can now easily create beautiful hybrid mobile apps by using a window object version of Onsen UI. You jQuery users now have a very high performance alternative to jQuery Mobile. Have a deep understanding of AngularJS and love working with it? Don’t worry. Onsen UI is still an AngularJS-based product, so you AngularJS hackers can continue to work with it as you normally do!

Second, the screen transitions and page navigations are rewritten from scratch to increase performance and allow more fine-grain control. Event handlings, custom animations, and design customizations are very easy.

Third… well, read on for more details and links around Onsen UI 1.1 new features!