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Monaca LocalKit 2.2.0 release

Monaca Team is happy to announce the release of the Monaca LocalKit version 2.2.0. For who has never heard about it, Monaca LocalKit is a tool that allows the development and management of Monaca projects locally. In this version, we are giving more control over the synchronization between the local and the cloud environment, providing direct download and upload functionality and giving the ability to review the project changes. Let’s get deeper on the latest updates that LocalKit brings:

Onsen UI News & Roadmap

Onsen UI Roadmap

After a long time working on making Onsen UI framework agnostic and releasing bindings for Vue 2, React and Angular, we plan to give some love to the core library in the shape of new components and features. Discover here the next Onsen UI roadmap.

Transpile projects with Monaca CLI

Monaca CLI is a command-line tool which makes local development of Monaca apps easier. Recently, a new function called “transpile” has been added to Monaca CLI. It can be used to transpile code for React/Angular 2 apps.

We will explain in details about the transpile option.