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Cordova 5.2 Hits Monaca, Release Notes Revealed!

Cordova 5.2 Hits Monaca, Release Notes Revealed!

We are happy to announce that soon will update Monaca’s Cordova to version 5.2. Therefore, we have prepared a guidance for completely migrating existing projects (with Cordova version 3.5 or 4.1) to 5.2.

Monaca Support Policy for Cordova 5.2

  • New projects will be automatically created as Cordova 5.2.

  • You need manually update your project to migrate to Cordova 5.2. A backup of the project is automatically created before conversion.

  • Once Cordova 5.2 is updated, you cannot downgrade to older Cordova versions.

New Cordova Plugins

Two new plugins will be added into Monaca core plugins.

1) Whitelist Plugin: This plugin is used to enhance security configuration for the app. Please note that you cannot remove this plugin. This plugin only applies to Android platform.

2) Crosswalk Plugin: This plugin enables your application to use Crosswalk engine for Android devices.

Other Cordova Plugin Changes

  • All Monaca core plugins will be updated to the newer version.

  • Monaca Enterprise plugins are not supported at the moment. We will support them soon.

  • Monaca Bluetooth Plugin is removed from core plugins.

Android Platform Changes

  • Please use Monaca Debugger 5.0 for debugging Cordova 5 apps.

  • Android Debugger and High Performance (Crosswalk) Debugger are integrated. Therefore, please debug Crosswalk WebView apps using Monaca Debugger. The debugger will automatically switch its WebView based on the project settings.

  • Crosswalk version is updated from 13.42.319.11 to 14.43.343.25. You can now change the Crosswalk version in the plugin configuration (requires a valid plan).

  • Cordova 5 apps require Android 4.0 or higher.

  • Cordova Android platform is updated from 3.6.3 to 4.1.1, and API LEVEL is set to 22.

  • Config.xml AppBackgroundColor has been discontinued.

  • Debugger cannot simulate [Allow External Access URL] configuration in the Android settings.

iOS Platform Changes

  • Cordova iOS platform is updated from 3.7.0 to 3.9.1.

  • Cordova 5 apps require iOS 8.0 or higher.

  • Xcode version is updated from 6.2 to 6.4.

Updating Project to Cordova 5.2

1) From Monaca Cloud IDE, go to Config → Manage Cordova Plugins.

2) Select the preferred Cordova Version from the dropdown list as shown below.


Changing WebView and Crosswalk Version

1) From Monaca Cloud IDE, go to Config → Cordova Plugins.

2) Enable the Crosswalk WebView Engine (see the screenshot below).


3) After enabling the Crosswalk WebView Engine, you can also change its version by clicking on Settings button.


4) Then, the following dialog will appear. You can change either plugin version or Crosswalk version. However, not all version combination between the two are applicable. After finishing your configuration, click OK.


Changing Cordova Plugin Version

1) From Monaca Cloud IDE, go to Config → Cordova Plugins.

2) Click on Settings button of the plugin.


3) Then, choose the desired version of the plugin and click OK.



So, what do you think about these changes? Let us know, we are always open to new suggestions!