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Got a question? Ask us anything! Reddit IAMA session coming up soon!

All your questions will be answered during our Founder and CEO Masahiro Tanaka’s Reddit (I)AMA session

Reddit Onsen UI

Have questions about Monaca, Onsen UI, hybrid app development, flying planes, or life in Japan? Anything else? Our founder and CEO Masahiro Tanaka will be ready and available to answer all your questions on September 14th, at 1:30PM Pacific Time. Masa will be in San Francisco during the session, and you can check time date and time for your time zone here.

Learn more about the man behind Monaca X Onsen UI

Masahiro Tanaka Masa founded Asial Corporation, the company that created Monaca and Onsen UI, immediately upon his graduation from Tokyo University. Already as a student he played an important role in Japanese developer community, writing PHP books and initiating meetups, and he still holds a pioneering and leadership role organizing main PHP, Cordova and hybrid app events in Japan and speaking at conferences overseas. This Reddit I(AMA) is a great opportunity to interact with him and ask general questions about app development, Monaca and Onsen UI, business and tech in Japan, as well as any random topic you are interested in.

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Are you pondering what we’re pondering, just as we’re pondering what you’re pondering about our pondering… Well ponder no more > ask Masa and find it out!

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