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We have a New Website and it's Open Source!

In conjunction with the release of Onsen UI 1.2.2 we made a complete rehaul of the website which is now public. In addition to improving the design we’ve added lots of new content.

The new documentation is packed with useful information, we’ve added nightly builds, integrated the blog into the website and we’re also releasing the website code publicly on GitHub to make it easier for you to make contributions.

Better Documentation

We’ve updated the documentation and added an overview page. From this page you can navigate to all the different parts of the documentation.

Documentation Overview

The documentation for every component has been extended as well. We’ve added information about events emitted by the components, modifiers to alter the styles and more information about the component methods. The components are now divided into categories to make finding them easier.

Each component page has a discussion section at the bottom of the page where users can share experiences and help each other to solve problems. We use Disqus for this feature.

As an example of how it looks, please check out the documentation for <ons-alert-dialog> or browse the list of components.

Available on GitHub


While we kept the previous website in a private repository we’ve decided to make the website public on GitHub. The code is available in the “” repository.

This makes it’s easy for users to make changes as well as adding additional content. Please fork the repository and open a Pull Request if there’s anything you want to change.

We would like to add a small plug for Metalsmith which is the static site generator that we switched to recently. It’s a customizable site generator that fits our needs perfectly. Please check it out if you’re looking for a fast, reliable and pluggable site generator.

New Download page and “Nightly” Builds

Every time a change is made in the “master” branch of the Onsen UI repository it will now trigger an automatic build. This version can be downloaded by pressing the “Get Latest Build” button on the new Download page.

We would like to add a warning that this version is work in progress so we don’t recommend using it in a production environment. This code has not been tested on as many devices as a proper release so it may be incompatible with some devices.

For the automatic builds we are using CircleCI which is a cloud based continuous integration service.

We hope you enjoy using the new website!