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Take part in Onsen UI 2.0 Tutorial Contest


We recently released Onsen UI 2.0, which is framework-agnostic, supports both flat and material design, offers a rich collection of UI components and is just beyond beautiful and performant. Whoever has tried it was mesmerised, and in order to continue great development and gain better community support, we need your help spreading the word. And we will award your efforts!

To help others get started with Onsen UI 2.0, we prepared a contest, by which we encourage you to take the lead within the hybrid app development community. Share your knowledge, teach a trick, or spread the word > and win a prize!

You can find more information about Onsen UI 2.0 on our new website.

We don’t set limits - even when it comes to contests.

You can share your knowledge and thoughts about Onsen UI anywhere. You choose your length, type and format! You can cover the basics (Onsen UI descriptions, simple app tutorials, personal views or elementary facts), but you can also dive deeper and create complex tutorials and comparisons.

In the first stage, until September 30th, we will focus on entries of any knowledge and difficulty level. And in October, we hope to receive intermediate and advanced content, which will display a good comprehension of Onsen UI usage.

How to apply?

Simply submit the URL of your published post, whether it’s text, audio, image or a video via an online form. Anything will do. It can be published anywhere (in your personal blog, GitHub pages, Medium, guest blog, tech media, tutorial site ( ike PluralSight), online course page (like Udemy), YouTube, etc. We also accept multiple submissions!

The winners will be able to select among 5 different prizes, listed here. Start submitting your content today and increase your chances of winning!

More information about the Onsen UI 2.0 Tutorial, Tips & Review Contest is available on the Monaca Contest Site.