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Publish your projects online and directly import published projects

Have you ever came upon a sample app which you wanted to use as a base of a project, but its implementation was so troublesome that you ended up losing a lot of time? Say no more, as we are happy to announce our newest Monaca features: “Publish Project” and “Direct Import”.

Publish Project

If you created a Monaca project and believe that it can be useful to other Monaca users, with the newest Monaca “Publish Project” feature, you can make your project available to other users by sharing the link generated after publishing your project. By accessing the generated link, users can get a copy of their own in their account. All changes made in the copies are not transferred to the original, so there will be no fear of someone messing up the original.

Publishing your project is really easy and done by following the next simple steps:

  1. Click the “Project Publish…” option in the File menu

    File Menu

  2. Click the “Publish” button

    Not published dialog

  3. Copy the generated link and share it with the world

    Published dialog

If you no longer wish for your project to be available, you can make it private again by clicking the “Make Private” button that appears after publishing your project.

Direct Import

With this feature, we allow Monaca users to directly import published Monaca projects or projects from a given URL directly by just accessing a link. Upon accessing the link, the users will be forwarded to the following screen (if signed in), whereby just clicking the import button the project will be imported into their account.

Direct Import Page

Hands on!!!

Now that you understand the feature, why don’t you sign in and give it a try by importing the above-shown app.

More to come…

Currently, this feature is only available in Monaca Cloud IDE. However, we are going to add it to Monaca CLI and Localkit in the near future. Furthermore, we plan to add links to our sample apps so that you can import and use them with the greatest ease and as soon as possible!

We hope this feature is useful to many of you. If you have any feature request, let us know via our community forum. We are all ears!