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Onsen UI 2.0 Preview: Responsive Hybrid Apps with the New Splitter Element

Onsen UI Splitter

The road that will bring us to Onsen UI 2.0 becomes more exciting every day. That’s why we are happy to introduce a new Onsen UI element: The <ons-splitter>!

The element has been developed with the purpose of offering even more UI customization than before, as well as making it easier to make responsive hybrid apps! With <ons-splitter> you can easily support both tablets and phones with the same code. The element will automatically transform depending on the size/orientation of the device. Wouldn’t it be great to support iPhone and iPad with the same code? With this element it’s not only possible. It becomes a simple task.

What are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at it and see what it has to offer!