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Monaca CLI support for Onsen UI 2.2.0 and Vue 2

This week we have two news to announce. First of all, following the recent release of Onsen UI 2.2.0 now we also provide support for it in Monaca CLI version 2.2.0. Therefore, you can use transpirable frameworks Angular 2+ and React with the new Onsen UI and cssnext. Moreover, from now on, you can create Vue.js 2 project in CLI based on our standard templates: Minimum, Navigation, Splitter and Tabbar. The new Vue 2 templates support the 2.0.0-alpha.1 version of the Vue binding and the newest Onsen UI. Below we prepared a short tutorial that shows how to create a Vue 2 project in Monaca CLI.

Vue project in CLI

If you are the user of Monaca CLI you can just use the standard monaca create projectName command. In the list of available frameworks, you should see Vue 2.

CLI Category Vue

Now just choose the type of template that fits your needs and after a few moments the project will be accessible in your local environment.

CLI Vue Templates

Feel free to test it in your browser by using the monaca preview command.

CLI Vue Example

Changes in webpack

Following changes in Onsen UI 2.2.0 now all webpacks(Angular 2+, React and Vue 2) support cssnext. Also, we plan to update the currently used webpack 1 to the webpack 2. You can expect to hear about it soon.

Localkit will support mentioned changes in following week. We would like to strongly encourage you to try not only Vue 2, but also other transpirable projects. We hope our changes will make your work easier and more enjoyable. We are looking forward to your feedback.