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Status of Vue 2 migration and release schedule

Onsen UI and Vue.js

In a previous article we introduced how to use the Onsen UI components directly from Vue.js 2.

We are now updating a Vue.js binding for Onsen UI called vue-onsenui in order to support Vue.js 2. In this article we announce its release schedule and the development status.

Release schedule

The Vue.js 2 compatible version of vue-onsenui has not yet been published on npm. For the time being it is available only from the vue2 branch of our GitHub repository. (As of February 16, 2017, vue-onsenui is available from npm install vue-onsenui)

Publications on npm are scheduled as follows:

Phase Version Detail Release date of initial version
Alpha 2.0.0-alpha.0 In this phase, we implement minimum features. We will make many breaking changes. Soon
Beta 2.0.0-beta.0 In this phase, we implement optional features and brush up the API. We will make some breaking changes. In February
RC 2.0.0-rc.0 In this phase, we mainly fix bugs. We will not make any breaking changes. TBD
Stable 2.0.0 We will not make any breaking changes. TBD

Any time we publish a new version we will announce it in this blog, in our Twitter account and remaining channels.

We recommend that you subscribe to our Blog RSS Feed and follow us at @Onsen_UI.

v-ons-* components

vue-onsenui is going to provide Vue components named v-ons-*, each of which wraps the corresponding ons-* element.

With v-ons-* components you can write your Vue.js app even more easily than using the ons-* elements directly.

Development status

As of January 19 we have the following components in vue-onsenui:

Name Type Status Detail
Page Page Implemented as v-ons-page, v-ons-toolbar, v-ons-bottom-toolbar, v-ons-toolbar-button
Navigator Page Manager Implemented as v-ons-navigator Props like pages are not yet implemented
Splitter Page Manager Implemented as v-ons-spiltter, v-ons-spiltter-side, v-ons-spiltter-content
Tabbar Page Manager Implemented as v-ons-tabbar, v-ons-tab Props like tabs or index are not yet implemented
Modal Modal Window (Not yet implemented)
Dialog Notification (Not yet implemented)
Alert Dialog Notification (Not yet implemented)
Popover Notification (Not yet implemented)
Pull Hook Widget Implemented as v-ons-pull-hook v-model can be used
Carousel Widget Implemented as v-ons-carousel, v-ons-carousel-item Props like items or index are not yet implemented
List Widget Implemented as v-ons-list, v-ons-list-header, v-ons-list-item
Lazy Repeat Widget (Not yet implemented)
Input Widget Implemented as v-ons-input v-model cannot yet be used in some types
Button Widget Implemented as v-ons-button
Range Widget Implemented as v-ons-range
Switch Widget Implemented as v-ons-switch
FAB Widget Implemented as v-ons-fab, v-ons-speed-dial, v-ons-speed-dial-item
Progress Widget (Not yet implemented)
Ripple Visual (Not yet implemented)
Icon Icon Implemented as v-ons-icon

Help our development

We want to make the use of vue-onsenui something that comes easier and easier. That way we welcome all the feedback you can give us.

The source code of vue-onsenui is located in the bindings/vue/src directory of the vue2 branch of our GitHub repository. (As of February 16, 2017, vue-onsenui is located in the bindings/vue/src directory of the master branch of our GitHub repository.)

Please feel free to comment on this post, create issues or pull requests on our GitHub repository or ask us any questions you might have at @Onsen_UI.