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Status of Vue 2 binding alpha and roadmap for beta

Onsen UI and Vue.js

It has been 4 weeks since we released 2.0.0-alpha.0. We know, we know, alpha is a scary tag. That’s why we’re looking to move on from it as fast as possible.

In this post we give you Vue developers the latest news regarding just that.

Obsolete methods of our Vue components in 2.0.0-alpha.1 and later

In 2.0.0-alpha.0 we provided not only props, events and slots but also methods as an API for interacting with and controlling our Vue components.

But since the use of methods does not come naturally because it does not follow the convention of Vue.js, we decided to obsolete the methods API in 2.0.0-alpha.1 and later.

In 2.0.0-alpha.1 and later you will have to use properties, events and slots instead for handling our Vue components. For example, v-ons-navigator provides a property page-stack as follows:

<!-- Using properties (The initial value of pageStack is [page1]) -->
<v-ons-navigator :page-stack="pageStack"></v-ons-navigator>


Note that 2.0.0-alpha.1 requires you to use only properties, events and slots to construct the UI of your app.

Obsolete custom directives v-ons-open, v-ons-index in 2.0.0-alpha.1 and later

2.0.0-alpha.0 provided a v-ons-open directive for the v-ons-splitter-side component, and a v-ons-index directive for the v-ons-carousel component.

But according to feedback from Evan You (main developer of Vue.js) we concluded that we should obsolete these custom directives.

From now on you will have to use properties and events to synchronize a value with the state of a component. For example, you have to use an index property and a swipe event for v-ons-carousel component as follows:

<!-- Using properties and events -->
<v-ons-carousel :index="carouselIndex" @swipe="carouselIndex = $event">

Fixing bugs

After releasing 2.0.0-alpha.0 we found out that there were some bugs in the binding and received some bug reports from users. Notable ones are:

  • When using props in Vue components included in slots of v-ons-tabbar component, it emits an error
  • Array.prototype.includes used inside of the Vue 2 binding emits an error
  • visibilityToggle mixin emits an error
  • Vue 2 binding with Vue 2.2.0 emits an error

Therefore we are fixing these errors in parallel with brushing up the API.

Roadmap for 2.0.0-beta.0

As we told you in a previous post, the Vue 2 binding will be switched from alpha to beta once minimal features are ready. We know, we previously predicted the release date of beta to happen in February. You can expect it before the end of March.

What’s left for us to do before relesing the beta is:

  • Improve API for Vue components (properties, events and slots)
  • Implement LazyRepeat
  • Implement a wrapper for ons object in Onsen UI Core
  • Support the latest minor version of Vue (2.2)
  • Implement an example app
  • Implement more E2E test cases

Help our development

We want to make the use of Onsen UI for Vue 2 something that comes easier and easier. That way we welcome all the feedback you can give us.

Please feel free to comment on this post, create issues or pull requests on our GitHub repository or ask us any questions you might have at @Onsen_UI.

You can also use our Gitter channel, our Community Forum or even Stack Overflow to reach out to us with any issue or contribution.

Onsen UI is an open source library used to create the user interface of hybrid apps. You can find more information on our GitHub page. If you like Onsen UI, please don’t forget to give us a star! ★★★★★