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Cordova UI Development

A Custom Elements-Based HTML5 UI Framework

Getting StartedDownload v1.3.14
  • Javascript and CSS frameworks for HTML5, PhoneGap & Cordova apps
  • Large selection of Web-based UI components
  • Responsive layout support for smartphones and tablets

Super Performance

Onsen UI is designed and implemented to deliver unprecedented user experience for your apps.
Frustrated with the lack of native-like performance? Try Onsen UI and you’ll feel the difference right away.

Multi-screen Support

Onsen UI is responsive. View adjusts based on screen size, and its as easy as using the <ons-split-view> tag to have a two-column view for tablets and one-column view for smartphones.

PhoneGap / Cordova Friendly

Onsen UI is a perfect solution for developing hybrid apps. That's because our priority is performance and ease of use. Onsen UI is fully open source, and never locks you in. It also provides the option of deploying your apps to the server to use as a tool to build a performance website.

Simple to Use

Onsen UI is inspired by Web Components. All UI components are tags making it as easy as adding a period.

Works with jQuery and AngularJS

Utilize the power of AngularJS framework with Onsen UI. jQuery users can also take advantage of Onsen UI’s great UI library.

Other Features

Free and Open Source

Onsen UI is released under the Apache License and development is housed on Github. It is free and open for anyone to use.

Bundled with Font Awesome

Font Awesome is bundled with Onsen UI making it easy to develop and display the exact icons you need.

Built-in Theme Roller

Try out Onsen CSS Components, the Onsen UI way to pick components and customize them.


Relying on HTML and CSS, Onsen UI is highly customizable to suit the many needs that come with development and design.

Screen Transition

App operations have a native-like user experience (UX) with smooth animations on cross platform PhoneGap/Cordova apps.

GUI Tool Coming Soon

With drag & drop support, our GUI tool will make all aspects of front-end development much easier.

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