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Create beautiful high-quality hybrid mobile apps the fastest way
with React and Onsen UI Framework.
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Latest 2.9.2 released . See all versions. Distributed free and open source (Apache 2.0) via GitHub

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Beautifully made with Android and iOS components

More than 100 components are specially made for Material and Flat design, with automatic platform detection

Tailored for React Developers

With our Onsen UI React bindings, Onsen UI React Components play nicely with Virtual DOM

<Navigator initialRoute={this.initialRoute} renderScene={this.renderScene} /> <Toolbar> <div className="left">...</div> <div className="center">Todo</div> <div className="right">...</div> </Toolbar> <List dataSource={this.todos} renderRow={(todo) => <Todo data={todo} /> } /> <Tabbar initialIndex={0} renderTabs={this.renderTabs} />
<Navigator initialRoute={this.initialRoute} renderScene={this.renderScene} /> <Toolbar> <div class="left">...</div> <div class="center">Contacts</div> </Toolbar> <Tabbar initialIndex={0} renderTabs={this.renderTabs} /> <List dataSource={this.contacts} renderRow={(contact) => <Contact data={contact} /> } /> <Fab> <Icon icon="md-edit" /> </Fab>

Power of CLI and Development Tools

Monaca Platform provides everything you need to develop Onsen UI apps, with powerful debugging, remote build, backend services and an optional cloud-based IDE. Onsen UI users get complimentary access to CLI.

$ monaca create helloworld
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