The <ons-splitter-content> element is used as a child element of <ons-splitter>. It contains the main content of the page while <ons-splitter-side> contains the list.


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Name Type Description
page String

The url of the content page. If this attribute is used the content will be loaded from a <template> tag or a remote file. It is also possible to put <ons-page> element as a child of the element.

Name Description
page The page to load in the splitter content.
pageLoader Page element loaded in the splitter content.
Signature Description
load(page, [options]) Show the page specified in page in the content.
load(page, [options]): Promise

Show the page specified in page in the content.

Returns: Resolves to the new <ons-page> element

Name Type Description
page, String Page URL. Can be either an HTML document or an <template> id.
options Object
options.callback Function

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