This component displays a circular progress indicator. It can either be used to show how much of a task has been completed or to show a looping animation to indicate that an operation is currently running.



There are two components for indicating progress: VOnsProgressBar and VOnsProgressCircular. As the names imply, the VOnsProgressBar displays a linear progress bar while the VOnsProgressCircular displays a circular progress indicator.

They have the ability to show the current progress or a looping animation in cases where the current progress is not known.

Both components implement the same props.

To change the progress the value property is used. It should be a value between 0 and 100.

<v-ons-progress-bar :value="currentProgress"></v-ons-progress-bar>
<v-ons-progress-circular :value="currentProgress" /></v-ons-progress-circular>

Secondary value

It is sometimes necessary to display two different values in the same progress indicator. An example could be an app that streams a video. The progress bar could show both how much of the video has elapsed in addition to how much of the video that has been buffered.

To do this the secondaryValue property can be used.


Indeterminate mode

There is also an indeterminate property which makes the component ignore both the value and secondaryValue properties. Instead, it show a looping animation. This can be useful for cases where the total progress is unknown, e.g. when waiting for some data to arrive.

<v-ons-progress-bar indeterminate></v-ons-progress-bar>

See also

Name Type Description
indeterminate Boolean If this attribute is set, an infinite looping animation will be shown. Optional.
modifier String Change the appearance of the progress indicator. Optional.
secondary-value Number Current secondary progress. Should be a value between 0 and 100. Optional.
value Number Current progress. Should be a value between 0 and 100. Optional.

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