Component that adds Pull to refresh functionality to an <v-ons-page> component. It can be used to perform a task when the user pulls down at the top of the page. A common usage is to refresh the data displayed in a page.


Pull to refresh

The VOnsPullHook component is used to add a pull to refresh functionality to a page. It can let the user refresh a page or load the latest data.

The VOnsPullHook component has three different states: initial, preaction and action. It starts in the initial state. When it’s pulled down below its height it will transition into the preaction state. If it’s released in initial state it will just bounce back. If it’s released in the preaction state, it will go into action state.

Every time the state changes the, a changestate event is fired.

Through the action prop it is possible to provide a handler that runs when the component reaches “action” state. This handler gets a done function as a parameter that must be called when the action is finished, thus returning to the initial state.

Name Type Description
action Function This will be called in the action state if exists. The function will be given a done callback as it’s first argument. Optional.
disabled Boolean If this attribute is set the “pull-to-refresh” functionality is disabled. Optional.
fixed-content Boolean If this attribute is set the content of the page will not move when pulling. Optional.
height String Specify the height of the component. When pulled down further than this value it will switch to the “preaction” state. The default value is “64px”. Optional.
on-pull Function Hook called whenever the component is pulled. It gets the pulled distance ratio (scroll / height) and an animationOptions object as arguments. Optional.
threshold-height String Specify the threshold height. The component automatically switches to the “action” state when pulled further than this value. The default value is “96px”. A negative value will disable this property. If this value is lower than the height, it will skip “preaction” state. Optional.
Name Description
changestate Fired when the state is changed. The state can be either “initial”, “preaction” or “action”.

Fired when the state is changed. The state can be either “initial”, “preaction” or “action”.

Name Type Description
event Object Event object.
event.pullHook Object Component object.
event.state String Current state.

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