This component displays the child components of the Material Design Speed dial component.


Speed dial

The speed dial component is a Material Design component that displays a floating action button that expands into a menu when tapped. It’s useful for situations where there are several actions needs to be displayed that are of equal importance.

The menu items of the SpeedDial component are defined using the VOnsSpeedDialItem component. It also requires a VOnsFab component which represents the main button.

To define the position of the component the position property can be specified. By default it is placed in the bottom right corner which can also be achieved by setting the property to the literal string "bottom right".

In order to show or hide VOnsSpeedDial, the visible prop must be used. The items will toggle by default when clicking on the button. However, the open prop can optionally be provided in order to programatically show or hide the items. In that case, the onClick prop must be set as well in order to change the value of the open prop and keep it updated:

<v-ons-speed-dial :open="isOpen" :on-click="() => isOpen = !isOpen">...</v-ons-speed-dial>

See also

Name Type Description
modifier String The appearance of the component. Optional.
ripple Boolean If this attribute is defined, the button will have a ripple effect when tapped. Optional.

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