Displays an icon. The following icon suites are available:



Icons are displayed using the VOnsIcon component. In Onsen UI there are three families of icons available:

The icon is selected using the icon prop. To use Material Icons the md- prefix is used, ion- for Ionicons and fa- for Font Awesome.

<v-ons-icon icon="md-menu"></v-ons-icon>

The code above displays a Material Design menu icon.

For quick autostyling, one or more modifiers can be provided in the icon prop with the corresponding icon name:

<v-ons-icon icon="ion-ios-menu, material:md-menu" size="12px, material: 18px"></v-ons-icon>

See also

Name Type Description
fixedWidth Boolean When used in a list, you want the icons to have the same width so that they align vertically by defining this attribute. Optional.
icon String

The icon name. "md-" prefix for Material Icons, "fa-" for Font Awesome and "ion-" prefix for Ionicons. See all available icons on the element description (at the top). Icons can also be styled based on modifier presence. Add comma-separated icons with "modifierName:" prefix. The code <ons-icon icon="ion-edit, material:md-edit"></ons-icon> will display "md-edit" for Material Design and "ion-edit" as the default icon. fa- prefix is added automatically if none is provided. Check See also section for more information.

rotate Number Number of degrees to rotate the icon. Valid values are 90, 180 and 270. Optional.
size String

The sizes of the icon. Valid values are lg, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or in the size in pixels. Icons can also be styled based on modifier presence. Add comma-separated icons with "modifierName:" prefix. The code:

    size="32px, material:24px">

will render as a 24px icon if the "material" modifier is present and 32px otherwise.

spin Boolean Specify whether the icon should be spinning. Optional.

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