Conditionally display content depending on the platform, device orientation or both. Sometimes it is useful to conditionally hide or show certain components based on platform. When running on iOS the <ons-if> element can be used to hide the <ons-fab> element.


Conditional element

<ons-if> will let you filter the content of your app depending on some variables:

  • platform attribute: allows or removes content depending on the running platform. Possible values are ios, android, windows and other. Normally you will include an android condition and a ios other condition.
  • orientation attribute: Possible values are landscape and portrait. Unlike the platform, this attribute is dynamic so it refreshes the view when changing the orientation.

In AngularJS this element can be substituted by the more powerful ng-if, ng-switch, ng-show or ng-hide directives. Use ons.platform and ons.orientation methods to achieve a similar result.

See also

Name Type Description
platform string Space-separated platform names. Possible values are "ios", "android", "windows" and "other". Optional. Works only during initialization.
orientation string Either "portrait" or "landscape". Optional.

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