This component displays the child elements of the Material Design Speed dial component.


Speed dial

The Speed dial is a Material Design component similar to the Floating action button. It is used to display a <ons-fab> element that when clicked displays a menu.

The component is defined using the <ons-speed-dial> element and the items with <ons-speed-dial-item>.


Changing the position and direction

Just like with the <ons-fab> element the position can be changed using the position attribute. Normally the value is bottom right.

It is also possible to configure the direction in which the menu is displayed with the direction attribute. Possible values are up, down, left and right.

  position="bottom right"

See also

Name Type Description
modifier String The appearance of the component. Optional.
ripple If this attribute is defined, the button will have a ripple effect when tapped. Optional.
Name Description
ripple If this property is defined, the button will have a ripple effect when tapped.

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