Toolbar component that is positioned at the bottom of the page. Since bottom toolbars are very versatile elements, ons-bottom-toolbar does not provide any specific layout syntax for its children. Modifiers or custom CSS must be used.



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Attributes are added directly to the element. You can do this in HTML or JS.

HTML: <ons-bottom-toolbar someAttribute="true" anotherAttribute><ons-bottom-toolbar>
JS: document.querySelector('ons-bottom-toolbar').setAttribute('someAttribute', 'true')

Name Type Description
modifier String The appearance of the toolbar. Optional.

Modifiers are set in the modifier attribute. To use more than one, separate them by spaces. For example:
<ons-bottom-toolbar modifier="transparent aligned"><ons-bottom-toolbar>.

Name Description
transparent Make the toolbar transparent.
aligned Vertically aligns its children and applies flexbox for block elements. justify-content CSS rule can be used to change horizontal align.

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