Represents a row in the grid system. Use with <ons-col> to layout components.


  <ons-col width="50px"><ons-icon icon="fa-twitter"></ons-icon></ons-col>

Note: For Android 4.3 and earlier, and iOS6 and earlier, when using mixed alignment with ons-row and ons-col, they may not be displayed correctly. You can use only one vertical-align.

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Attributes are added directly to the element. You can do this in HTML or JS.

HTML: <ons-row someAttribute="true" anotherAttribute><ons-row>
JS: document.querySelector('ons-row').setAttribute('someAttribute', 'true')

Name Type Description
vertical-align String Short hand attribute for aligning vertically. Valid values are top, bottom, and center. Optional.

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