<List />

Component for representing a list. It takes an array called datasource and calls renderRow(row, index) for every row. Furthermore, the header and the footer can be specified with renderRow and renderHeader respectivly.



To render a list the List component is used. The items in the list are rendered using the renderRow prop and the data for the row is specified using the dataSource prop.

The list items are created using the ListItem component.

  renderRow={(row) => <ListItem>{row}</ListItem>}

There are also two props called renderHeader and renderFooter that can be used to render an element at the top or bottom of the list. The ListHeader component can be used to render a header.

  renderHeader={() => <ListHeader>Stuff</ListHeader>}

You can make list items expandable by adding the expandable prop. When you click on an expandable list item, it grows to reveal hidden content. The content that is shown when the element is expanded is defined in div.expandable-content.

<ListItem expandable>
  Top content
  <div className='expandable-content'>Expandable content</div>


Name Type Description
modifier string Specify modifier name to specify custom styles. Optional.
dataSource string
Source of the list data. Should be an array. Optional.
renderRow function
() => null

Function to specify the rendering function for every element in in the dataSource.

renderHeader function
() => null
Function to specify the rendering function for the header Optional.
renderFooter function
() => null
Function to specify the rendering function for the footer Optional.

Preset Modifiers

Name Description
inset Inset list that doesn’t cover the whole width of the parent.
noborder A list with no borders at the top and bottom.

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