<Ripple />

Adds a Material Design “ripple” effect to an element.



The Ripple component is used to add a Material Design ripple effect to an element. This effect will expand from the location point the user taps until it covers the whole element.

To add a ripple effect to an element the Ripple component should be placed as a child.

<div style={{width: 100, height: 100, backgroundColor: 'grey'}}>
  <Ripple />

The color of the ripple effect defaults to gray. It can be customized using the color property. It is also possible to customize the background color with the background property.

<Ripple color='red' background='blue' />

The ripple prop

There are some components that support the ripple effect using a ripple property. The Button component is one of those. In this case, instead of using the Ripple component only the property ripple needs to be added:

<Button ripple>

Other components that support the ripple property are: ListItem, Fab, SpeedDial and Tab.


Name Type Description
color string Color of the ripple effect. Optional.
background string Color of the background. Optional.
disabled bool Specifies whether the button is disabled. Optional.

Preset Modifiers

Name Description
light-gray Change the color of effects to light gray.

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