<Toolbar />

Toolbar component that can be used with navigation. Left, center and right container can be specified by class names. This component will automatically displays as a Material Design toolbar when running on Android devices.


<Page renderToolbar={() =>
    <div className="left">
    <div className="center">
    <div className="right">
        <Icon icon="md-menu" />
  </Toolbar> }
Name Type Description
modifier string Specify modifier name to specify custom styles. Optional. Optional.
visible bool If true, the toolbar is shown on the screen. Otherwise, the toolbar is not shown. Optional.
static bool Static toolbars are not animated by ons-navigator when pushing or popping pages. This can be useful to improve performance in some situations. Optional.
inline bool Display the toolbar as an inline element. Optional.
Name Description
material Material Design toolbar.
transparent Transparent toolbar.
cover-content Displays the toolbar on top of the page’s content. Should be combined with transparent modifier.
noshadow Toolbar without shadow.

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