<SplitterSide />

The SplitterContent element is used as a child element of Splitter. It contains the main content of the page while SplitterSide contains the list.


Side menu

The Splitter is used to display a menu next to the main content. It can be configured to either display in column layout or as a swipeable menu. It is also possible to automatically switch between column layout and a layout with a swipeable menu based on the screen size or any arbitrary condition. In some situations it can be useful to display a column layout on large devices and hide the menu on smaller screens.

The menu is defined using the SplitterSide component. This component can either be displayed as a column next to the main content or as a swipeable menu. This behavior is controlled using the collapse property.

To enable opening and closing the menu by swiping the isSwipeable property must be defined. The side property is used to specify on which side of the screen the menu is displayed.

Opening and closing the menu

The menu can be opened and closed using the isOpen property. This property only works when the menu is collapsed, since in column layout it is always visible.

In the following example the menu is opened, when the user presses a button. The onClose property is called when the menu is closed and is used to control the state.

Main content

The main content of the screen is put inside the SplitterContent component. A Page component should be put as a child of this component.

      Main content


Name Type Description
collapse string

Specify the collapse behavior. Valid values are "portrait", "landscape" or a media query. The strings "portrait" and "landscape" means the view will collapse when device is in landscape or portrait orientation. If the value is not defined, the view always be in "collapse" mode.

swipeable bool Ennable swipe interaction on collapse mode. Optional.
isOpen bool Specifies whether the menu is open. Optional.
onOpen function Called after the menu is opened. Optional.
onClose function Called after the menu is closed. Optional.
side string Specify which side of the screen the SplitterSide element is located. Possible values are "left" and "right". Optional.
swipeTargetWidth number Specifies the width of the menu with a number (for pixels) or a string (e.g. “20%” for percentage). Optional.
width number Specifies the width of the menu with a number (for pixels) or a string (e.g. “20%” for percentage). Optional.
animation string Specify the animation. Use one of overlay, push, reveal, or default. Optional.
animationOptions object Specify the animation’s duration, delay and timing. E.g. {duration: 0.2, delay: 0.4, timing: 'ease-in'}. Optional.
openThreshold object Specify how much the menu needs to be swiped before opening. A value between 0 and 1. Optional.
mode string Current mode. Possible values are "collapse" or "split". This attribute is read only. Optional.
onPreOpen string Called before the menu opens. Optional.
onPreClose string Called before the menu closes. Optional.
onModeChange string Called after the component’s mode changes. Optional.

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